This is Carrie Bradshaw's ( Sarah Jessica Parker) 5 carat black diamond engagement ring with a 18 karat white gold band, that she received from Mr Big (Chris Noth) in the Sex And The City 2 (2010) movie! You can get the ring straight from the shop of the iconic costume designer Patricia Field… but… ouch… it costs $10,000…

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Modern Gold Foil 18th birthday printable digital invitation - black or white with gold effect brush script

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Brad Pitt in Troy, best Aries-type scene, when Achilles jams his helmet on his head so purposefully, so driven, so ready for decisive battle.

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You Can Find Your Seat Here But Your Place Is On The Dance Floor-Art Deco/Great Gatsby/1920's theme -5 sizes-DIY- black and glitter gold

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When you honestly can't tell if it's a super good photoshop, or actually real...?

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