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40 Yellow Nail Art Ideas

A really cute and cartoon like yellow nail art design. The design uses the combination of yellow, white, black and salmon colors to recreate cute faces and polka dots on the nails.

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I really enjoy the polka dots, it reminds me on Kate Spade and I adore their brand imaging. I also like the white and black elements-Raquel

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LordColinOneal posted a status: Here's a bumblebee i drew for a blog's logo. It's drawn in Black Ink, 7x10 140lb drawing paper.

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First let me tell you there are many types of black dots that generally appear on skin, some major ones are Lentigines (dark spots caused from sun exposure from the UV rays); Melasma (dark spots caused by thyroid dysfunction and hormonal fluctuations); Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation or PIH (dark/black spots that appear as a result of …

tökre el tudnám képzelni, h esetleg így úsztatjuk át pöttyösbe a mostani sokszögeset.csak egy vonal, nem kettő.

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Three Skull Necklace

Millie Mackintosh wearing our Three Skull Necklace in her Style Diary on 14:08:13

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Get Rid of Dark Spots on Your Face

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I LOVE this Peony tattoo..I really like the idea of getting my quote and then later wrapping some flowers along the bottom on my hip, into it.

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