Every book from the Black Dagger Brotherhood Series. My all time favorite books!! I highly recommend them.

Don't be fooled by the cover art. these are not romance novels lol. Yes it has some romance but The Black Dagger Brotherhood Series is a a world that JR Ward has created that I can't get enough of. Fantasy = blood, war and love.

Rhage and Mary (Original art by Anyae of deviant art, color by geeport of deviant art)

HD Wallpaper and background photos of Rhage and Mary - BDB for fans of The Black Dagger Brotherhood images.

Black Dagger Brotherhood. My dream cast part 1.

you can all have fifty shades of grey, supernatural and all that crap. just give me some BDB in books or on tv anyday please!

Wrath Dark Lover by J.R. Ward....... Ok dealer at Hollywood or this guy??? Tough call. Both are totally Wrath!!

Comic-Con 2011 Star Portraits: Day 2

Black Dagger Brotherhood

Dragon dagger by ValentinaKallias on deviantART Love the dragon on it. or a sword