How to create black iron pipe curtain rods. Sequel post to creating other industrial decor fixtures. Great step by step tutorial. #industrial #decor #tutorial (Diy Step Website)

How to create a black iron pipe curtain rods to fit an industrial decor styled home. Step by step photo tutorial included with pipe materials list.

Dark metal curtain rod with ring clips for living room curtains.

Linen- similiar effect to burlap without the shedding and formaldehyde ~ love the contrast thread edge detail

HUGAD Curtain rod set for bay window - IKEA article number 599.292.19 for living room window

HUGAD Curtain rod combination/bay window, black

IKEA - HUGAD, Curtain rod combination bay window, The corners can be adjusted to fit different angles of your bay window.The length of each curtain rod can be adjusted from 120 cm to 210 cm.

tringle rideau                                                                                                                                                                                 Plus

Bed Bath & Beyond Umbra Black Curtain Drapery Clip Rings Rings in Home & Garden, Window Treatments & Hardware, Window Treatment Hardware

Tringles à rideau et rails - IKEA                                                                                                                                                                                 Plus

IKEA HUGAD Curtain rod combination bay window Black The corners can be adjusted to fit different angles of your bay window.

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IKEA - RÄCKA / HUGAD, Double curtain rod combination, You can combine two layers of curtains, one thick and one thin, using the double rod.

Teds Wood Working - Wow! Professional looking industrial shelves that anyone can make. All you need is this tutorial, pipe, wood, and screws. - Get A Lifetime Of Project Ideas & Inspiration

DIY Shelves and Do It Yourself Shelving Ideas - Industrial Pipe and Wood Bookshelves - Easy Step by Step Shelf Projects for Bedroom, Bathroom, Closet,…

Love this idea  Industrial clothing rack

apparently the original pinner was looking at the metal pipe but I couldn't get past those incredible hangers!

IKEA - BETYDLIG, Support mural/plafond, blanc,  , , Si vous préférez accrocher les rideaux plus près ou plus loin de la fenêtre, il suffit de régler l'angle de la tringle.Bandes antiglisse en 2 épaisseurs, la plus épaisse pour la tringle RÄCKA et la plus fine pour la tringle HUGAD.Vous pouvez créer une solution double ou triple en superposant les rideaux à l'aide de supports muraux pour tringles BETYDLIG. Vendus séparément.

BETYDLIG Support mural/plafond, blanc

IKEA - BETYDLIG, Wall/ceiling bracket, black , Curtain rod holder position can be adjusted, allowing curtains to be hung either close to the window or farther out.Two anti-slip liners - the thick liner fits RÄCKA curtain rod and the thin liner HUGAD

Tringle à Rideau petite Pipe galvanisée par 1331Design sur Etsy

Use this for the DIY wall terrarium project -Inspired Galvanized Pipe Curtain by Medium Industrial

STORSLAGEN Set tringle à rideaux double IKEA

STORSLAGEN Set tringle à rideaux double, noir

IKEA - STORSLAGEN, Curtain rod set, , You can adjust the length of the curtain rod to fit your window.The wall fittings can be adjusted in depth, allowing you to hang the curtains closer or further from the window.

Elle utilise des tuyaux de PVC et attrape une bonbonne de peinture! Le résultat est magnifique! - Décorations - Trucs et Bricolages

Elle utilise des tuyaux de PVC et attrape une bonbonne de peinture! Le résultat est magnifique!

Cheap curtain rod brackets from Lowes and pvc pipe spray painted black. Bay window idea for living room.

J'aime cette photo sur ! Et vous ?

Chambre : le lit s’installe au centre de la pièce

Walk in closet/wardrobe area behind bed with curtains to seperate. This would allow me to place the bed towards the middle of the room and section off the back of it for closet space!