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Random Inspiration 66

I always pray to God each day to not see the face that reminds me of her blood, the cruelty of her voice, and the act that she did to my family but cannot be proven. She is everywhere seperti kemunafikan yang membusuk dari akar. ( what i learn in lit) it sounds hyperbolistic and cheesy like a joke but it is the truth.


#licorice, die geheimnisvolle Verlockung mit diesem gewissen verführerischen Etwas macht das Weihnachtsfest auch in glamourösen schwarz besinnlich.

from Berry

Morning coffee (41 photos)


Black Coffee ~ and when you would like to treat yourself to something different, try putting some canned Carnation (or Pet) evaporated milk in you coffee, it compliments the flavor of coffee perfectly, so much better than milk or even half-n-half... ;-)

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What Do Your Caffeine Habits Say About You?

So we're at the question what to do with it? How to solve it. I know you don't want to talk and maybe think about it... How I see it you should be happy, whatever you feel makes you happy, explore it. Even if it's complicated, think of it like that.