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"The Preacher's Wife" ~ 1996 remake of "The Bishop's Wife" and a dang good one with Denzel Washington and Whitney Houston. I loved this!!

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Black Christmas - Considered by many to be the first "real" slasher movie! Great cast, decent script too with a couple of really creepy moments.

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"The Holiday" Movie Trailer and Video Clips

"Iris, if you were a melody, I used all the good notes" #lovethismovie ♥

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Christmas Culture Guide

"It's A Wonderful Life" with James Stewart & Donna Reed - A 1946 American Christmas drama film produced and directed by Frank Capra. A man is shown by his guardian angel all the lives he has touched - & how different life in his community would be if he had never been born.

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List of Animated Disney Movies by Year

Again this is a very different type of ghost film it's unique in the similar sense that The Woman In Black is that he has a fascinating story. Also it's captivating until the end and unlike most ghost films there is quite a lot of different emotions shown in the film .For example, there's stages in the film where this obvious christmas joy and then a real low of scrooge reflecting on his sad life.

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Jack Skellington inspired Christmas Hand Painted Baubles Gift Decoration

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Greatest movie that has ever existed! We all have purpose! We just don't know how we effect another, so do it right! My Top Ten Christmas Movies, It just does feel like Christmas till I see it.

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