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Undertaker Black Butler but it could be laughing coffin from sao too but undertaker was the first thing to mind

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Kuroshitsuji - Sebastian Michaelis @Queenie Chan Chan Chan Chan Wind @Theresa Burger Burger Burse online Katsutoshi

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Yeah, they are not real, but they made me happy, text, Anime characters, crossover, Edward, Fullmetal Alchemist, Kirito, Sword Art Online, Ciel, Black Butler, Luffy, One Piece, Natsu, Fairy Tail, Boruto, Naruto; Anime

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8 Sci-Fi Technologies That Are No Longer Just Fiction

um... I DONT KNOW AH wait that depends on what i am. only go to bleach if i am a zanpakuto, only go to one piece if im a pirate, only go to fairy tail if im a mage, death note is i have one, soul eater if im a weapon... yeah

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17 Times Fans Raised the Bar For Anime Comedy

Naruto Shippuden. Yeah, I can relate to Naruto minus the jinjuriki. I get sad not angry when treated like sweet Choji. Like Sakura my Sasuke doesn't acknowledge me either. I've been betrayed by several Kabuto's. I'd marry Yamato! I'm like Kazekage Gaara. (L.O.V.E.) I chased after my older bro' like Sasuke, he's cool I don't wanna kill him. Wanted my Art to blow up like Deidara, except nix the exploding. Can't relate to Sai, Neji, Shikamaru, Kiba or Kakashi, but fangirl over em' like a…

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Tom Hardy looks handsome and dapper on the set of Legend

Smoking hot: The actor wore a white shirt and classic suit trousers as he puffed on a fake cigarette during filming

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