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black butler cosplay Hannah<< Ok, I don't exactly like Hannah all that much, but I don't hate her. C'mon Alois! Don't hurt her!

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Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler cosplay #Kuroshitsuji #Cosplay

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Hannah and Alois... It makes me sad to see that she was really the only one there for him, but he disregarded her as a piece of trash...

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Nonononononononono. I don't like this, lil' America is too innocent and cute a lovable to be Ciel, England is to good to be Sebastian, and I don't know who Canada is supposed to be. France/Grell.....Wait, no that's pretty good. <<Canada is younger Ciel!

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He's so kawaii. I just want to kiss his cheeks. But I can't. Because he's dead. *tears up* and I can't do anything about it. I love that little psycho so much. I want to hug him. A-and tell him that it's going to be alright. A-and be a big sister to him and Luca. Claude can be our older brother. Hannah can be our older sister. Thomson, Canterberry, and Timber can be our brothers.

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Highly Unnecessary Ciel's Contract, Alois's Contract in Ciel's Body, and Alois's, Ciel's, and Luka's Contract Combined

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