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290405-630x4370-kuroshitsuji-sebastian+michaelis-ciel+phantomhive-alois+trancy-grell+sutcliff-claude+faustus.png (630×4370)

290405-630x4370-kuroshitsuji-sebastian+michaelis-ciel+phantomhive-alois+trancy-grell+sutcliff-claude+faustus.png (630×4370)

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I just noticed Trancy is wearing booty shorts, thigh high stockings, and high heels. Is that wrong??????

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Highly Unnecessary Ciel's Contract, Alois's Contract in Ciel's Body, and Alois's, Ciel's, and Luka's Contract Combined

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Tbh, Alois is one of the characters that I find truly annoying. He is a pathetic brat. I know he has a terrible past but that is no excuse to: 1. Poke someones eyes out; 2. Act spoilt and 3. Make Claude do everything. This guy can't do sh*t and whenever he fails he whines at Claude. Lots of people love him because he is cute in appearance, some people may like his twisted personality and some people feel sorry for him which I can understand. (Continued in the comments)

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Yo the black butler manga is really really really good like 10x better than the anime, the art gets better (if that was even possible), the story arcs get cooler, ELIZABETH IS REVEALED TO BE THE BADDEST OF BADASSES AND THE ONE TRUE LOVE OF MY LIFE haha I mean uh go read it #blackbutler #kuroshitsuji

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