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Not that Bernard is someone to emulate but um, some days it sure feels like I am without trying

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"I woke up a little hungover, so I went to the chemist to get some Fizzy Good. You know, Fizzy-Good-Make-Feel-Nice." "Ahh, Alka-Selzer." Black Books (2000-2004)

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pity this is out of stock - I would loved to have bought it for you for xmas !!! xxxx #anger management xxx

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'Black Books': BBC series on Netflix. A must-watch for all book lovers, introverts, and curmudgeons, and those nostalgic for the Nineties. (PG14 for cursing and bum-showing.)

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From left to right, Bill Bailey, Dylan Moran, and Tamsin Greig who played the hilarious trio of Manny, Bernard, and Fran on one of my favorite shows of all time, Black Books! Now go watch it!

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Dylan moran <3 This is going to be me when I have to function as an adult. Not looking forward to graduating!

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When he made a decision about people. | 31 Times You Could Really Relate To Bernard Black

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