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I must have been under a rock or just a heavy fog of ignorance because I had no idea that they were such beautiful varieties of African American dolls on the market! Of course we may have some Mattel watered down versions, but the vast majority of the dolls i’ve seen are absolutely amazing!                           There are dolls of all shades, styles and sass, as well as the team natural editions. I’m not sure if you all can feel my excitement, but I’m literally jumping up for…

from Vintage Swag Chics

Vintage 1961 Barbie "Ponytail" Doll Case

Original 1961 black Barbie carrying case including original cardboard drawers which are in excellent condition. 6 Hangers are inside along with 3 cardboard drawers and the snap strap to hold Barbie se


Stunning I love the gold. She reminds me of Beyoncé. Gorgeous. The blonde in the pic.


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Even though the print on this dress is oversized for the scale of the doll, it works! Very pretty.

from Black Hair OMG!

4 Natural Hair Black Doll Companies That Boost Black Girls' Self-Esteem

All you black people who think you are ugly because of your colour I am not black BUT I still think you are beautiful the way you are never change!!!!!!!


FR Adele models a gray cocktail dress w/ plunging neckline.

from BabyCenter

Barbie Photobomb! - Page 6

There should definitely be more dolls like these.