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Bk Of America

orange print fabric, This dramatic full-width print was adapted from Trina Turk's apparel collection and features a striped pattern arranged in a spiraling, circular design.

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Brooklyn New York Map Art Print 11" x 14"

Brooklyn New York Neighborhood Map! This is a print from an original watercolor and ink illustration. The image measures 10 1/4 x 13 1/4 printed

from Mail Online

A galaxy not so far away: Salt Lake City photographer captures spectacular images of our own Milky Way arched over the pillars and canyons of Utah

.. A photograph of a 'hole in the wall' at Arches National Park on October 21, 2011 in Utah ..

The sabre-tooth tiger, known as smilodon, was one of the few sabre-toothed cats that would have encountered humans. Whilst sabre-tooths in Africa and Europe became extinct before our species had evolved, Smilodon survived until the end of the ice age. Three species lived in the Americas over time. The ancestors of the Native Americans might have met two of these, Smilodon fatalis and Smilodon populator. The latter was a heavily built animal, weighing more than a Siberian tiger.

Bk1Ch3- Winston dreams of the past and his mother and how things used to be. A whistle on the telescreen wakes Winston up at 7:30am. He goes into a coughing fit, his ulcer swells and itches, and he has to complete the routine morning exercises the telescreen orders him to do. He knows the future will suck and wants to go back to the past but he knows he cannot prove anything he remembers.

Hey I've been here when i was like 6 soo awesome wld love to go bk u actually need like a wk to shops there it's crazy huge!!!!