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InPrint Magazine Black And White Issue

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Creepy Crawly Doll Art - Toddlerpedes

Artist Jon Beinart creates bizarre yet fascinating doll sculptures he called "Toddlerpedes"

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Reptilian Snack Art Print

This photo montage is a bit disturbing but also very surreal. The image on the top is colorful and has a vintage and innocent type of look which is ironic due to her actions. The bottom image is in black and white which I think aids to the overall photo because it seems like the girl is sucking the life and color out of the brain.

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dan lam (The Jealous Curator)

Whoa. This is the beautifully bizarre, neon-hued, organic organism-ish work of Manila-born, Texas based artist Dan Lam. I already know what you’re thinking… ‘what? how?’ Let me answer you… she uses po

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