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26 Bittersweet Quotes That Illustrate That Love Knows No Distance

These 26 heartfelt long-distance love quotes encapsulate the range of emotions that distance can create in a relationship. Can you relate?

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"The right person, the wrong time. The right script, the wrong line. The right poem, the wrong rhyme, and a piece of you that was never mine." - K Towne Jr quote

And they lived happily ever after. Separately. via (http://ift.tt/2nHLPAd)

We are so different! I tell hubby all the time that he can have his big huge house and fancy cars with his paycheck and I'll have my little house and farm with mine. Works for me!

I wish we never met, and I wish we didnt have shit in common... cause you turned out to be a queen bitch and I was the fool

I finally realize this describes the guy I thought I could never lose as my best guy friend.even though he said we'd always be friends.

without a second thought. • pinterest - @ninabubblygum •

without a second thought. It still hurts like it was yesterday. And you insist on throwing it in my face

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You make all my thoughts and problems disappear for a while. it all hits again