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Bitter People Quotes

Don't let these people take you down to their level: "Some people are so broken, they get mad at you for being whole." Be whole. Say with me; I am whole. I am safe. I am loved. I am complete. Repeat.

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Way to keep showing your true colors. You just keep making a fool of yourself.

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It's a Lovely Life™ Travel, Recipes, So Cal Lifestyle, Mom Talk | Remember, things could be worse…

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Tony Gaskins tonygaskins

Absolutely. It's an amazing feeling when you're able to pray for those who seek to ruin you, tarnish you, lie on you, and more. It's amazing giving it all to God to let Him handle them and their misguidance. I love that I now turn to the power of prayer!

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i find this to be so moving and truthful. some of the wealthiest people are the people with no one to love, no good in their heart, and no positive outlook. they simply let their greed make them bitter.

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Quotes angry vs nice - Google Search Jesus thank you for my heart and understanding I have to see the world through your eyes. Signed Denise Ramos Amen

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Trent Shelton trentshelton

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"It is perfectly legitimate for believers to suffer grief. Our Lord Himself was a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief. THOUGH GRIEF MAY REACH TO THE ROOTS OF OUR SOULS, it must not result in bitterness." ~ R.C. Sproul

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