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Don't you just hate it

Don't you just hate it<<< this happened a few days ago and the girl had their head on the table with her hands on her head and I wanted to comfort her but it would be awkward so I just sat there dying.

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This is something I would do tbh #memes #spongebob

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Funny Pictures, Quotes, Pics, Photos, Images and Very Cute animals. - Collection of funny pictures

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Zero Fox Given|Funny General Card A funny general card, great for a birthday boy or girl. Congratulate them with this hilarious card.

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Raynniere Makepeace on

I showed this to my mom she gave me a funny look and i said 'FINE! as long as I get Kookie for mah birthday

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Exo Memes and Scenarios - ● and i will be the one who ends your future

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