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Twin Birth Order- Did You Tell Your Twins?

Twin Birth Order- Did You Tell Your Twins? - See what other twin parents say about it at

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Depopulation - David Icke Website. I wonder if that includes him and his family?? The rich and the Hollywood people would not be included in that of course.

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The Birth Order Effect [Infographic]

Most of us have heard the long-held theory that the order in which you and your siblings are born has an impact on your personality as an adult. While it may not hold up for every person in the world, studies have indicated there is a great deal of truth in that theory.

Gnosis: (Greek γνώσις) knowledge: The knowledge we acquire through our own experience, as opposed to knowledge that we are told or believe in. Gnosis is conscious, experiential knowledge, not merely intellectual or conceptual knowledge, belief, or theory. The tradition that gave birth to our most respected philosophies, sciences, arts, and religions.

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