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The Birth Order Effect

The Birth Order Effect [Infographic]

How Your Birth Order Shapes Your Personality ~

I am an only child but my birth order isn't the only factor which has shaped my personality. My last born dad, middle born mom and first born stepfather have also been strong influences.

I think I have some of the traits of an Only and First child because I was an only child for a long time before my Sisters and Brother came along.

Typical birth order personality and behavior traits. Not always accurate, but many are spot on in my own family!

But be sure to deviate from these every once in a while. It'd be nice to see the oldest act like he youngest and the youngest act like the oldest

Don't think birth order is accurate but interesting groupings of traits. Reference For Writers, Character development fodder

So true. Thankful for Adler to have started to explore birth order, it's so interesting

An analysis of how the birth order of child can influence their individual personality and possess specific traits that influence their career.

Birth Order and Relationships - How Birth Order Personality Affects Relationships

How Does Birth Order Affect Relationships?

My husband and I have eight wonderful children, and I have to say that there are many blessigs of a large family! There may be some extra challenges with a bigger family, but they are far outweighed by the blessings.

Thoughts on birth order, how it affects your kids, the family dynamic, and just super interesting stuff!

Birth Order: Why You Are the Way You Are

Does birth order impact personality? One book thinks so - see what it has to say about birth order and why you (and your kids) are the way you are