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Birth Chart Basics - Leo Sun; Aquarius Moon; Scorpio Ascendant. It's interesting how they almost seem to align with the basic INFP description. So, which controls which? *eg*

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Anatomical representation of a zodiac birth chart. Sun, Mercury, Jupiter - Virgo || Neptune, Uranus, Rising - Capricorn || Moon, node - Sagittarius || Venus - Libra || Saturn - Aquarius || Pluto - Scorpio || Mars - Gemini

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How to Read a Birth Chart

How to Read a Birth Chart: The Birth ChartDalai Lamas birthchart..note the ross and diamond shapes fascinating to me!!

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Sun Sign, Rising Sign, Moon Sign, Mars Sign, Venus Sign, Mercury Sign | #astrology

Learn the meanings of the 3 main parts of your birth chart - your rising sign, sun sign, and moon sign. Each one reveals another layer of your whole self. Learn more about DIY holistic astrology at

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