Easy DIY PVC bird stand! Perfect place for birds to hangout. These two parrots are loving it!

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Blakiston's Fish Owl (Bubo blakistoni) is one of the rarest owls in the world, an endangered bird restricted to Russia, China, Japan and possibly North Korea. This owl is also the largest on Earth. "These birds stand two-and-a-half feet tall [75 centimeters], have 6-foot wingspans [2 meters] and can weigh more than 10 pounds [4.6 kilograms]. | LiveScience

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GREEN - Medium Tabletop & Cagetop PVC Bird Gym Play Stand with Ladder & Perches in Pet Supplies, Bird Supplies, Perches | eBay

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These are awesome stands for birds. All natural and practically indestructible if they are Java Wood. We actually have great Java Wood perches on our site that are around the same size as this. http://steelybird.com/collections/play-stands

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Hope - an original design of a whimsical bird made from genuine sea glass standing on a hand lettered word

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