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Chicken Chasseur Recipe from Food & Wine A French classic that never seems to go out of style, this dish combines mushrooms and chicken in a tomato and white-wine sauce. The name, literally "hunter's chicken," harks back to a time when game birds and mushrooms from the woods were a natural autumn combination.

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The Golden Eagle (Aquila chrysaetos) is togeher with the peregrine falcon one of the two fastest birds and animals in the world. Wingspan 1.80 - 2.80 m. When diving for prey it can reach 240 - 320 km/h (150 - 200 mph) - via Robert SKREINER's photo on Google+

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Merlin (Falco columbarius) is a small species of falcon from the Northern Hemisphere. A bird of prey once known colloquially as a pigeon hawk in North America.

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Duck Hunter Men's Wedding Band 8mm Scenic Ring Outdoors Wedding Hunting Dogs Cat Tails Rifleman Titanium Rings

Includes Bird Hunter Wild Wings, Deer Hunter 3 Gold, Rocky Mountain Trophy Hunter 3 * 6 all new hunting areas in Rocky Mountain Trophy Hunter * 3 new locations in Deer Hunter 3 * Hunt 16 birds with 9 types of shotguns in Bird Hunter * For 1 player

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RESEVED Bird Wood Carving, Gambel's Quail Mobile Woodworking Art, Woodland Wood Craft, Hand Carved Fan Bird, Hunter Gift, Wildlife Figurine by MyFanbirds on Etsy

STILL wanna write a book with a freakishly awesome sidekick bird. It's gonna happen some day people, it's gonna happen someday.

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