Bird feeding station. Start vines up the sides

my new bird feeding station, a gift from my hubby. cant wait to start wisteria on the sides of it!

Harrod Crown Top Bird Feeding Station

The Crown Topped Bird Feeding Station is based on our round garden obelisk, creating a statement bird feeder that will be a focal point in any garden.

Grand Central bird feeding station- love that they included a ground feeder that happens to collect fallen seeds!

Grand Central bird feeding station- including a ground feeder that happens to collect fallen seeds!

Building+a+Bird+Feeding+Station | Unique Bird Feeding Station Built by Students

A unique high bird feeding station has been built by the Year 10 horticulture team of students. Designed to resemble a tree, the structure has nine separate feeding areas, each made out of copper and wood, plus several hanging feeders.

Ideas for bird feeding stations...

LOVE this bird feeding station! What an awesome bird feeder set up in the backyard

Bird Feeding Station XL Deluxe Rverside Woodcraft More - Fresh Gardening Ideas

A medium sized Bird Feeder / Feeding Station with 4 hanging posts and a small feeding platform. This does not have a traditional feeding tray but is idea for hanging nut feeders etc or for birds who like to perch.