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Decorating with Birch

Decorating with birch is a hot trend right now. Come see the multiple uses of birch logs, birch bark, and birch tree prints, and design in home decor.

12 Ways To Use Actual Birch Trees In Your Home

Sometimes also called the Watchful Tree because of the eye-like impressions on the bark, the birch tree is very special for several reasons. The white bark

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Baby decor, lace wall hanging, wall hanging lace and birch, lace baby decor, vintage inspired lace wall hanging, nursery

This lace and birch wall hanging is even more beautiful in person. Made with a sturdy 2 foot birch branch, twine and vintage inspired lace. This

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White Birch wall cat tree

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The most beautiful tree decorations made from 1 inch birch branches- approximately 1&1/2- 2 inches wide ornaments. Each has a simply exquisite wood burnt message and a tiny eye at the top of the ornament. A small red ribbon makes this a perfect addition to your tree ornament collection ! A very special donation!!!

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Make a succulent centerpiece

Turn trimmings into tabletop decor. Los Gatos, CA-based landscape designer Leslie McKenna doesn’t like to waste much. Case in point: these birch branches turned vases, which she created from a fell...

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