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go HERE to find out your Sun, Moon and Ascendant signs. By Rebecca Brents The short answer is: Your Sun sign describes your basic ego, your Moon sign describes your emotional inner self, and your A.

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9 Must-See Movies About Bipolar Disorder

bipolar~ This is how it feels every day. Being split down the middle. Fighting to be good one minute, and not caring the next.

I found this image of this girl split down the middle with two different colors and I immediately thought that it represented being bipolar, so I found .


Movment by Elisabetta Renosto- Wow- this is incredible- tremendous emotion- Love this!

bipolar - this is a beautiful representation.

Skull Mash-Ups

I just think it's cool af. Meyoko vs Ali Gulec FACE OFF Skull-A-Day vs Street Anatomy Gallery Show International Museum of Surgical Science Chicago May August 2013

Dissociative identity disorder by SiljaVich.deviantart.com on @deviantART

This incredible drawing-painting of Dissociative Identity Disorder is by SiljaVich on deviantART.