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Burial at Sea - Episode 1

Bioshock. I loved looking out all the windows at the city. Made me wonder what could lurk at the bottom of our own ocean so far away from prying eyes.

An illustration of a Big Daddy and Little Sister in an underwater causeway in Rapture, from "Bioshock," a first-person shooter by Irrational Games for consoles and PC, 2007

The world that the children made by *pandatails on deviantART Bioshock Little Sister

"The world that the children made" by *pandatails on deviantART- Bioshock Little Sister with Big Daddy Doll

#Bioshock Art via Reddit user

Started making these a little while ago, wondered what you guys thought! [Bioshock]

Bioshock Propaganda - Imgur

Bioshock Propaganda

Plasmid by devil-urumi on DeviantArt

I took inspiration from a painting you might have noticed if you played to Bioshock 2 (you can find it in the Siren Alley area).