Stone Mansion Once listed at $49 million Paradise in the Garden State. 6 acre 30k sqft home is in one of the wealthiest ZIP codes in America Alpine NJ. Uninhabited by its owners. 11 beds 19 baths walk in vault wine cellar protected with biometric authenti

Empty megamansions of the super rich

Spiral Patterns in Nature and in History, the spiritual world didn't disappear just because technology arrived

Reveal Fingerprints Using Super Glue

IBM Systems Magazine - Biometric Authentication 101

Articles on new technologies from IBM including PureFlex and PureData as well as IBM Research topics.

What are biometrics? Visit here

What are biometrics? Visit here

Biometric authentication to dominate mobiles

Biometric authentication to dominate mobiles

MasterCard is moving from trials of facial biometrics for payment authentication, including one in the U.S. and Canada launched earlier this year, to its..

MasterCard launches its ‘selfie pay’ biometric authentication app in Europe

Biometrics, Digital Persona, FunctionsSteelCoat for durabilityLittle kind aspectFunctions well with dry, wet or rough fingerprintsHi

How the New Samsung Galaxy S8 Could Represent a Revolution in Data Protection Methods [Infographic]

Biometrics are the ultimate security protocol. Using security coding that is unique to each individual, you can be confident in the authenticator’s identity.

Q&A with President and CEO of Viscount Systems Inc (OTCQB: VSYS): Update on Microsoft, the U.S. Department of Immigration and Insider Buying  Ideas get bigger when you share them...

Breaking Biotech News: GenSpera, Inc. (OTCQB:GNSZ) Releases Updated Corporate Video: GenSpera has targeted its active ingredient thapsigargin to kill only the cells we select: cancer