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.People who are toxic for you may be closer than you think...protect yourself by building & maintaining healthy boundaries.


The importance of a father will show in later life... No matter what mothers should allow fathers to take that role up.. Instead of lying your father doesn't love you that's why he doesn't see you.. LIES.. You be a Mother and Let the Father be the Father he is meant to be...

from American Fathers

Child custody law reform is happening all over the country.

Latest NY Court Ruling Could Open Doors For Father Custody Battles | The Daily Caller The New York State Court of Appeals ruled Tuesday that a homosexual individual can seek custodial rights for non-biological children in an opinion that goes beyond gay couples. The decision clears up two separate c


I'm ashamed to call my biological father "dad". After 20 years of abuse, I finally looked him in the eyes and said "DIE, you sadistic piece of shit". He replied with "You first".