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The Bogobrush, Biodegradable Bamboo Toothbrush

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Effective Ways of Recycling & Reducing Non-Biodegradable Waste

On the surface, recycling seems simple and clear. It's easy to assume glass, paper, aluminum and plastic bottles can all be recycled, and for the most part...

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Dog Biodegradable Waste Pooper Bags

"Poop happens. And Little Paws Dog Walking sees a lot of it. What better way to dispose of it than with a biodegradable waste bag? PoopBags is a local Chicago company that creates varying levels of eco-friendly bags in a number of sizes. One of our favorites is the ECO-ECO PoopBag which has post-consumer plastic blended with an additive that allows it to break down naturally."

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Every dog poops. And that makes Greenbone’s waste bags a must-have for enviro-conscious canine families. We’ve used a lot of poop bags in our time and we think these are pretty great. Made from cornstarch, a renewable resource, these dog bags hold up while you need them to but decompose quickly. Certified biodegradable. Stock up, and your pack is good to go.