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Newlight Turns Greenhouse Gases into High-Performance Biodegradable Plastic

newlight process- Making plastic from greenhouse gases???!!?


Easy Biodegradable Plastic

- Biodegradable Plastic - Really important for our product, because we are using natural and high-end ingredients (Anda Auksmukste)

Build your brand with Custom Biodegradable Plastic Cups & Recycled Paper Cups that make a difference. Help the environment with these Promotional Biodegradable Plastic Cups at your next meeting or event.

from TreeHugger

'Biodegradable' plastics are not so great for the oceans, says UN

Plastic pollution on the beach, follow link to learn more about why…

New process turns waste chicken feathers into biodegradable plastic

Compostable plastics derived from corn break down in industrial composting conditions (high heat + high moisture + high volume) in as little as 4 weeks.

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Biodegradable plastic: What you need to know

Biodegradable plastic: What you need to know Biodegradable plastic has been touted as an eco-friendly solution, but does it live up to its reputation?


Biodegradable Plastics Are Not the Answer to Reducing Marine Litter, Says UN