Bingo Reading Activity at Children's books and Reading. This is SUCH a fun and engaging way to encourage kids to read. Whether you've got an avid or reluctant reader, this is sure to generate excitement!

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GROSS MOTOR ACTIVITIES: BINGO ON THE GO! [some ideas - you could make up your own activities. play bingo or put slips in a jar & choose one when you need an idea! -lm]

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Body Parts Worksheets - free body parts printables: spelling, reading, writing, tracing, vocabulary, and body parts game generators with images!

Who loves taking their kids grocery shopping!? Okay, maybe it's not always a bed of roses, but it's a great opportunity to teach your kids about nutritious choices. Here's a printable BINGO sheet from Nest of Posies that will help make it fun for your kids (and easier for you)!

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Make bingo cards with famous paintings. I could see making this a review game by calling out the artist name and students put the marker on the corresponding painting. Or do something with elements and principles as call words with paintings that correspond on the boards.

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Use this idea at end of unit of about subject, children have to listen for keywords in what teacher and other children say.

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Free Bingo Sheet Generator

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