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Billie Holiday - 'Yes, the more mature I become, the more I tend to be just me!'

American Antiques' Kenny Schwartz owns the world’s largest collection of Billie Holiday documents that includes letters, contracts, photos and even Ms. Holiday’s death certificate.

I always see him in my thoughts and every time I close my eyes. He's always…

I'll be seeing you in all the familiar places that this heart of mine embraces. I'll find you in the morning sun And when the night is new. I'll be looking at the moon. but I will be seeing you.

While Billie Holiday’s short life was filled with hardship, Jerry Dantzic documented not the tragic torch singer of myth but a middle-aged woman finding simple comforts from the maelstrom.

Photos That Show a Different Side of Billie Holiday

Billie Holiday touching up her lipstick backstage at The Sugar Hill Club, Newark, NJ, April 1957

Billie Holiday Quotes About Love - 43798

Billie Holiday Quotes About Love - 43798

"You intoxicate my soul with your eyes." ~Billie Holiday

"You intoxicate my soul with your eyes." So let's he honest here billie didn't write go to my head but it has some of my favourite lyrics