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Paramount Records: The Label Inadvertently Crucial To The Blues

Paramount Chair Co. - Paramount Records King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band in Chicago in 1923: Louis Armstrong is kneeling, from left to right behind him are Honore Dutrey, Baby Dodds, King Oliver, Lil Hardin, Bill Johnson and Johnny Dodds.

40 Years Since The Death Of Louis Armstrong

King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band pose for a studio group shot in the early 1920s, with (L-R) Baby Dodds, Honore Dutrey, King Oliver, Louis Armstrong, Bill Johnson, Johnny Dodds and Lil Harding.


Amazing gathering for the All-Pro Tae Kwon Do Hall of Fame hosted by Grand Master Andrew Fanelli who has assembled an amazing list of legends Oct 29 2016 for the extravaganza. We are all honored to be part of this special induction. Dr Robert GM Soke Frank Sanchez. GM Art Camacho. Mel Novak. GM Bill Wallace. GM Don Wilson. GM Alan Goldberg. Master Chuck Zito. GM Al Dacascos. GM Mike Stone. GM Fumio Demura. GM Richard Norton. GM Billy Blanks. Master TJ…