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Egyptian Women Blamed for Sexual Assaults

First photos of baby Charlotte hit Twitter

funny pictures - Click on the image for more fun!!! rofl this is just weird!!

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Donald Trump corrects Bill Clinton on two accounts and it’s embarrassing

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Trump tweet provokes Bill Clinton to respond: ‘Here’s one thing Donald Trump and I can agree on . . .’

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Trump praises ‘very smart’ Putin for ‘great move’ and meltdown begins – but look what Bill Clinton said . . .

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County Clare – home of the Cliffs of Moher and the Burren

Although the current building was completed in 1835, Dromoland Castle in County Clare has a long and varied history, with the first tower house built on the same site in the 15th century. Today, it’s one of Ireland’s most luxurious castles, where visitors are treated like royalty! Perhaps that’s why Dromoland has welcomed everyone from George W. Bush to Bill Clinton, Nelson Mandela, Muhammad Ali, Bono, and John Travolta.

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How many illegitimate children has Bill Clinton fathered? How many sexual assault victims has Hillary Clinton threatened into silence?

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