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If we can't see a child with autism as capable, interesting and valuable . . .


Character [traits] is a journey, not a destination- Bill Clinton - Tales of a Tenacious Teacher


Surviving Mental Health Stigma Blog by Chris Curry

from Us Weekly

All the Details on Chelsea Clinton's Wedding Dress!

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BUSTED! New Clinton Scandal Rocks the Internet

LYING under Oath and LYING to the American people! A Clinton family tradition! This should be no surprise if you have educated yourself on all the scandals and crimes the Clintons have been involved in for the last 30 or more years.

Paula Jones goes off! I don’t recall Bill or Hillary apologizing while Bill got ‘his wee wee . . . under the Oval Office desk’


This is war. The American media has turned on “WE THE PEOPLE” and we’re now at war with them. They are attempting to rig an American election and they are officially TRAITORS and an enemy of we the people. Bill O’Reilly states that he knows of THREE media organizations who have ordered their people to “DESTROY TRUMP.” They have also told their people if they “support Trump” their careers are over. This video is important to watch. It’s also important to share. We must get the word out and…

K, I love you even more now. Actress Jessica Chastain, Ⓥegan