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Bill Brandt

Bill Brandt London, 1937 From The Photography of Bill Brandt

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I love how the light hits each cobblestone and how foreboding the sillouhete of the house looks #U4APSA

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Grand Union canal, Paddington branch, c.1938. Bill Brandt These buildings still exist and are on the Harrow Road.

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Bill Brandt - Misty Evening In Sheffield, 1937

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Bill Brandt. @designerwallace

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Bill Brandt "The rule of thirds in this photograph makes the image look very interesting. All three sections of the image show a great deal of texture, highlighted by the black and white effect." Absolutely.

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Bill Brandt, Georges Braque, 1960.

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The Morning Papers, 1936, a photo by Bill Brandt

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Bill Brandt’s Snicket, Halifax, Yorkshire. Photo by Michael Kenna, 1986. Really like the composition of this image with the white building and the dark wall.

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