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Bigfoot video

Gigantopithecus is an extinct genus of ape that existed from perhaps nine million years to as recently as one hundred thousand years ago, in what is now Nepal, China, India, and Vietnam. They were the largest known apes that ever lived, standing up to 3 m (9.8 ft), and weighing up to 540 kg (1,190 lb)


The most famous Bigfoot sighting. Image from the Patterson film. The footage has never been conclusively proven to be faked and many believe the gait and mass of the creature could not be easily fabricated.


The truely endangered species? Intelligent Californians! Video: California Liberals Want Bigfoot Added to Endangered Species List

Clear Video of Bigfoot Filmed During Independence Day? I love the mom carrying her baby, seems so real, yet unreal too!


Huge crop circle appears overnight in South West England (Video) - Alien UFO Sightings -,d8fd60e8-bab8-5d66-8dc3-1a6058d7a8e0


Hiking couple claim new footage shows Bigfoot out for a walk in the wilds of Canada

Close-Up: This zoomed in image shows the figure in the center that was filmed by a couple out for a hike in Mission, Canada