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So Seungri is like "bitch im fabulous" and Daesung like "totes ignoring you by hug this fool but daaaaym his hair smell" while TOP's giving that look thinking I am so good looking these two idiots better not ruin my visual! Tae & GD -_- no comment

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BIGBANG x anan Magazine Japan (March 2016) {HQ}© auhcesined | WALLPAPER/LOGO REMOVED

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모띠 on

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THECHOI_TOP on Instagram: “#THECHOI 160327 Magazine ' men 's uno Malaysia' April…

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seungri top daesung taeyang gd - Big Bang I don't have an ultimate bias because I can't choose between them all

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Just # BIGBANG #new comeback #Kpop

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Calling all V.I.P's go vote for Bigbang for the MAMA awards. This is one of the last things we can do for them before some of the members leave to serve their country.

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Everyone knows who there are even if they aren't K-Pop fans, or at least heard of them.

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AHAHHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHhHA!! The story of my life in a nutshell ! This is just so FREAKIN true

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