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Oh how the years have passed by! :') we must add a 2014....QUICK!!!,some one find a picture

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CP - @therealcarlospena LH - KS - @kendizzzzle JM - @therealjdmaslow BTR-BTR-BTR-BTR-BTR Twitter-@BTR__brasil

Haha oh yes!!! I'm the only one in my family that likes BTR. The only one in my biological family, that is. My Rusher family is a different story....

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A Big Time Rush and One Direction appreciation blog run by two cousins. Enjoy! [This is a tumbleblog, so if you ask us to follow you, we won't be able to. Promotion is allowed, but only if your tumblr...

Haha James Diamond is so funny! But I'm also glad he's not like that in real life. Just so your not confused his name is James Diamond on the show Big time rush and his real name is James Maslow

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