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a full moon rises behind the silhouette of a lone tree in this composite photo by Larry Landolfi

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The same moon that we think is our own, bc we had our man walk on it, was gazed upon by Gandhi, Tecumseh, Ponce de Leon, Lewis & Clark, Henry VIII, Louis XIV, Rommel, Anne Frank, Cleopatra, Napoleon, and Magellan. A million footsteps have been guided by it, a million dreams have been banked on it.

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10 Must-See Highlights of a Holiday in Israel

this is the nature, where we had lived in, where we had been for all our life. do we really want to destroy this natural scene

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Fantasy View with Big Round Moon - Landscape Wallpapers Details

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I've only seen a moon like this twice, amazing!

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I really want to see the moon like this in real life

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Wow. I saw the moon look like this as I drove into London one evening. Amazing.

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"Nothing will ever be attempted if all possible objections must first be overcome." — Samuel Johnson

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I was driving on the highway one night when all of a sudden there was a flash of light beside me. I looked over and the moon was reflecting off a large pond of water in a farmer's field. Absolutely breathtaking.

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Full moon in New York, USA

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