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The Huntsman: Winter's War (2016)

The Huntsman Winter's War (2016) - IMDb- so excited for Emily Blunt (my fave)+Halsey (my fave) :D

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Starsky & Hutch was an American television series about two Californian policemen, Starsky played by Paul Michael Glaser and Hutch played by David Soul. Fans loved the gritty, often violent plotlines, comic banter, and particularly the close friendship that developed between the two main characters.

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Aardman you guys! - my characters sort of a claymation character and as such I can't tel what to do with his mouth. If I want to Aardman it or if I want to carve his mouth into his face and reconstruct it every time.

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An Officer and a Gentleman (1982)

"An Officer and a Gentleman" (1982). A young man must complete his work at a Navy Flight school to become an aviator, with the help of a tough gunnery sergeant and his new girlfriend. Thoroughly enjoyed this movie. Debra Winger and Richard Gere "made" it.

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Adventures of Black Beauty TV series (1972-1974) I loved this so much ...but White Horses was my favourite.

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The Fall

Not a gypsy wagon but very unusual! []

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Bogie and Bacall – A Timeless Love That Will Last an Eternity (A Tribute to Lauren Bacall)

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How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000)

How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000) - recommended by Christy Bledsoe as one of her own favorite Holiday films. "This film is a traditional movie of one going from bad to good. It also has a lot of humor!"

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Metropolis (1927)

Metropolis (1927) - This has to be one of the coolest posters I've ever seen. But then Fritz Lang was a genius.

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