Fresian horse - very large animals. Beautiful.

majestic black Friesian horse dressage show performace and OMG I want one

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Perfect pair, fancy colored white horse with black tints happily walking with cute little girl. Yes I'd be smiling too!

percheron--now that's what i call a big horse!

Percheron with little kid on his back--now that's what i call a big horse! Old horse photography.

Gypsy Vanner Horse for Sale | Stallion | Golden buckskin blagdon Skewbald "Sundance Kid". I love draft and light draft horses

Gypsy Vanner Stallion that is a Golden buckskin blagdon Skewbald named "Sundance".

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say cheese ;-))))) imagine your horse doing this after it bucked you off lol

Oh gosh. Give me a big ole' draft horse anyday.

"Dirk" Blue Roan Brabant Draft Horse Stallion - would he also a type of Silver? His mane and tail are too light to be a regular Blue Roan.

This is Dustin's 17.4 hands tall Hanoverian Thoroughbred mix. He use to be a race horse but now turned out to be quite the cattle, roping, and barrel horse! He loves Dustin. His name is Whispering Shadows since he had to have a cool name when racing but Dustin just calls him Diesel!

This is Whispering Shadows aka Diesel. He is hands tall a Thoroughbred and Hanoverian mix. He is very strong and fast. He's a good jumper but better at running. He has lean rippling muscles and a great fighter. No mate adopted Welsh Star

Ahem....hello? Who left their human foal over here? What do I look like, a babysitter?

Cute little boy and a really big horse! The horses head is as big as the whole kid!

Clydesdale horse and child...It's funny to think I was once this small next to Danby <3

Clydesdale horse and child. I absolutely adore Clydesdales. such gentle giants