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Strength Where It Counts: The 5 Best-Kept Grip Strength Secrets


Swing like Spieth: 3 yoga moves to improve your golf game -

Stand with your feet together; your big toes should touch but allow space between your heels to avoid externally rotating your hips. Exhale as you sit back into a squat with your hands and forearms together in front of your chest. Inhale as you hold the position, ensuring that your low back doesn't arch, and your glutes and core are activated for support.

Headstand Helper! You can do it! Here is the step by step! Don’t jump into headstand or any inversion for that matter! Lift and breathe. You’ll feel calm and easy the whole way and have a lot more chances of “sticking it” than if you launch yourself. Headstands are fantastic for circulation, calms the mind, stimulates brain activity, and boosts creativity and improves mood big time.


3 Rows You Must Do for Thicker Biceps

Without even looking at you, we’re fairly certain that your arms aren’t as big as they could be. How can we be so sure? Because nearly all men—seasoned lifters included—make one critical error when working their biceps.

Skull Tattoos Designs for Men - Meanings and Ideas for Guys

Nowadays, skull tattoos for men are probably one of the most popular subjects when it comes to tattooing. If you live in a big city, there is a high possibility that you already saw someone…