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Unlocking Big Data Tune in to the Customer Journey #infographic ~ Visualistan

Unlocking Big Data Tune in to the Customer Journey #infographic

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This Man Makes Data Look Beautiful

#Big data is a big deal, but it means nothing if no one can make sense of it. But some people are born with an innate ability to do just that; #Jer Thorp is one such person.

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Analytics is a hot topic and HR analytics is no different. New books are constantly being published. Being “insight driven” is at the core of the CIPD HR practices. New software products and visualisations tools are being launched. The term big data is everywhere (I don’t think HR data is big data, it is human data but that is a topic for another blog). It is all quite a buzz. But what does it mean? Why is it really so valuable? Where should you start and finish?

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The Complete Guide to Colour Psychology Very Interesting Infographic  From @Amara Humphry Living  #infographic


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The three waves of the digital age, leading to consumer power

We discuss how the future consumer may gain an advantage by turning big data on its head.

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Big data in the real world

WASHINGTON (AP) — Art Liscano knows he's an endangered species in the job market: He's a meter reader in Fresno, Calif. For 26 years, he's driven from house to house, checking how much electricity Pacific Gas & Electric customers have used.