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Big Brother Donation

WAY TO GO BROTHER! @Regrann from @firemanjoe343 - Finished my 24 hour treadmill challenge 67.9 miles total to raise money for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Thank you Corona Fire Dept. & Beverly Hills Fire Dept. for coming out to join and support me! Big shoutout to @ufcgymcorona for the tremendous help throughout it all! Most of all Thank You to all who donated to this great cause #stjude #stjudeheroes #firefighter #firefighters #findacure #cancersucks #ufcgym #ufcgymcorona…


U.N. secretary-general Ban’s rise to the world’s top diplomatic job is as inspirational as it is improbable. At age 6, Ban and his family fled an offensive by North Korean troops. Ban and his family survived on American handouts and studied math and science in books donated by UNESCO. Ban still keeps an old photograph of himself as a boy to remind him of the hardships of his youth. That experience gave Ban searing insights into the trauma and deprivations of war.

Houston Police Force Homeless To Throw Away Donated Food, Blankets | "Local activists attempting to hand out food and gifts were shocked on Thursday afternoon when Houston police forced the homeless to throw away the donations." Click to read and share HOUSTON'S SHAME!

How do you annoy Donald Trump? Steal the spotlight from him. A key Democrat is planning a


We are proud to announce that we have made a donation to Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. Big Brothers Big Sisters of America is an organization that is near and dear to our President, Robert Klinger, who was part of the program as a child. We would like to thank Big Brothers Big Sisters of America for making a positive difference in the lives of thousands of children!

Does this ‘Nepal’ image make you want to build these children a home? Think again

A comforting embrace and the gentle ~ LOVE ~ that only a Child can give....In this, our Global Family, Children have much to teach us. Not because it is things we do not understand. They can teach us the wonderful things we do not remember anymore <3 <3 <3


The Super, Incredible Big Brother

We're always looking for new ways to pique our kids' interest in reading, and one surefire trick is to turn them into the topic of their very own tale. Personalized books make great gifts for special occasions, and there are themed options out there for

We had observed this mother and cub for a few days looking for food at low tide. Over the course of the week, the cub learned to dig for clams, too.Photo Credit: Donated by Rebecca D Logan