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Big Body

4 Arm Exercises To Build Arms You Always Wanted #biceps #triceps #flexfriday #armexercises

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Must-do move: Biceps planche

Want big arms? Curls work, but there’s an even better way – and you don’t even need a weight.

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Big Booty Workout

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This 3-Minute Exercise Will Actually Fix Your Posture

You may think bad posture can't be fixed, but this quick and easy exercise will change your mind.

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The Most Important Stretch For Your Lower Body

No matter how big or small your squat or deadlift is, you need to do this stretch from Men’s Health Fitness Director B.J. Gaddour. The shin box switch is designed to increase your hip rotation and unglue any tight areas in the joint’s capsule, which can increase your range of motion during lower-body lifts and protect your lower spine. Gaddour calls it one of the most important mobility drills for the lower body.

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Full body 20 minute ballet strength workout. Hold each pose for 30 secs and then move on to the next one. Tone up, slim down, stretch out!

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Exercise advice for overweight people

Exercise Advice for Overweight People. Beginning an exercise regime can be difficult and even painful. But start slowly and you'll reap the benefits!

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