Better On A Bike - painting by Nancy Merkle #bikelife #bicycling #bikeride

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//KNOW YOUR BIKES / - How-to: Simple Bike Repair by Jessica Patterson, via Flickr #bikes #repair

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You can climb any hill with our list of six cycling tips to incorporate into your training. #tothelimit

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Tips to Tune up Your Bike to Prevent Damage - Tipsographic
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.Top 10 stretches to do after a ride. Tight legs after your rides or spin classes? You need to check this out!#cyclingtips #cyclingadvice #spinning

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Riding a bike is fun, healthy, and it allows you to leave less of a carbon footprint in the environment. I have ridden a bike since I was a little kid, and I keep biking through my adulthood. Lately, Michelle and I have been riding our bikes more often, from small rides with friends to longer bikepacking rides in the backcountry. And let’s just be honest here, you can also use your bike for commuting or for touring. And it doesn’t matter if you go for a long ride, a short ride, a touring…

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Beginner guide to anatomy of a bike. Never again do you have to be flummoxed in a bike shop when the assistant says your down tube needs replacing, and it’s going to cost a fortune…

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