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STOP SAYING "femine products, women's products, men's products" THIS IS TRANS EXCLUSIVE AMD GENDERED LANGUAGE STOP IT

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Cuterus Acrylic Pin brooch with clutch back // Feminist pin, Girl power pin badge, Ovaries before Brovaries, Uterus //BRCH38

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Rachel Harmeyer - Hysteria I - hand embroidered collage | For those who don't know what they're looking at, this is a cross-section of female pelvic anatomy. The upside down "U" shape is the uterus. To its left is the bladder (round shape) and to its right is the colon.

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Detox - what are the benefits and what should you eat? (Part I)

1. Warm Uterus and Blood Flow In Chinese philosophy it is thought that a ‘cold uterus’ is a big factor for infertility. Therefore when trying to conceive they advise to increase the flo…

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So I looked up dancing dad to find that gif of the guy dancing and embarrassing his son and Matty was the first thing to come up. Help me. XD

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These Classical Paintings Have Been Completely Transformed By Adding Funny Drunk Texts

Aziz Ansar breaks down feminism with humor. I like to think that when we describe and define words in different ways we are able to reach more people and get them to understand. My hope is that his comment has enlightened a few people who thought they were not feminist.

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