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The Crucible Unit Plan Bundle -- Worksheets, PowerPoint, Handouts

Everything you need for your unit plan on Arthur Miller's play, The Crucible, is here in this mega bundle. With more than pages, you'll get: A


Teaching about Biblical Allusions by Ray Vander Laan : Lion Love

It's an ALLUSION (Literary, Biblical and Mythological Allusions)

Based on the CCSS L.7.5a Interpret figures of speech (e.g., literary, biblical, and mythological allusions) in context, this product has everything you need to teach a two-day lesson on allusions: a PowerPoint, lesson plan, worksheet and answer key!Students learn what allusions are AND two strategies for interpreting unknown allusions: CONTEXT and RESEARCH.


Allusions in The Crucible Act II

Omega Product: 3 Differentiated Graphic Organizers and a Teacher Answer Key This package contains 3 teacher generated graphic organizer that visually represents the biblical allusions in Act II of The Crucible. It helps students focus on the biblical allusions in the text, their meanings, and the significance and how they deepen our understanding of the text.


The Facts on File Dictionary of Classical and Biblical Allusions (Facts on File Library of Language and Literature)


Take a Look at Some of the Most Famous Biblical Allusions


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