Weekends and coffee x @waitkristiwaite

[Open] Dawn sat with a book and a cup of warm tea, reading. She was clearly very into what she was reading, as she hardly reacted to Y/C at first.

Senior portrait senior pictures of a girl wearing her purity ring, holding her Bible. Class of 2017 in Laurel, MT.

Society's values have changed drastically over time. During this time, religion played a huge role. Most of their actions were revolved around their religion. They did not believe in sex before marriage or working on Sundays.

6 Bible Quotes To Inspire You To Be A Badass

6 Bible Quotes To Inspire You To Be A Badass

porch prayers while it rained this morning. I love a marked bible or book ! Intimate with God and his thoughts or the authors thoughts touching my heart. Ink pen in one hand. Coffee in the other.

Bible Journaling by @beautiful.bible

I like how sweet and simple this Bible journaling page is. Some colorful, doodled succulents and a hand lettered quote from one of the verses.

What a beautiful word picture for Bible journaling, and easy too!

Zephaniah He will rejoice over you with gladness. He will exalt over you with loud singing (piano, music, flowers)