Seriously?  Why did I not think of this? Bias tape maker

Meijo's Joy: DIY - Bias Tape Maker from a craft knife- (Actual link to tutorial)

I love this gal...she made a printable template to help make perfect .5" bias tape, and another for 1" bias tape.

Free printable template for wide single fold bias Tape Maker from Scientific Seamstress


Have you ever spent hours ironing bias seam binding with burnt fingers too! If you like to make your own bias tape, the Simplicity Bias Tape Machine.

imprimer gratuitement un "truc" à faire les biais

Quelle longueur de biais vais-je obtenir à partir d'un morceau de tissu

Printable Bias Tape Maker!  I could use this! ...

Templet bias tape maker out of card stock! The Scientific Seamstress: Printable Bias Tape Maker!

Make your own bias tape - the clearest tutorial I've come across for making bias tape!!

The Beauty of Bias Tape Part 1: Make Your Own

The Beauty of Bias Tape Part Make Your Own. For those of you who love to sew as much as I do, I see homemade bias tape in your future. Sure, you can go to the store and buy some plain trim, but why not make your own. It’s … Continue reading →

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Remove the blade from your craft knife. insert folded fabric and voila, a DIY bias binding tool is created.

Part 4 of our guide to bias tape - this one covers making your own tape, with or without a bias tape maker, strip and continuous methods.

Polka Dots' tutorials on how to make your own bias tape and apply it to fabric. Includes info about measurements, using a bias tape maker, etc.

Bias Tape Makers – Bias binding – Clover notions

When you can't find a bias binding to match your project, make your own with time-tested Clover Bias Tape Makers.

Summerstead: From Fat Quarter to 5 Yards! - Bias Tape Tutorial using only 2 seams.

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How to make one CONTINUOUS strip of BIAS TAPE (from one square of fabric) | via Make It and Love It

Cut a CONTINUOUS strip of BIAS TAPE (from one small square of fabric).a quick way to cut up some bias tape, without wasting fabric!